Miracle Mornings

If you have not read Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, I would definitely recommend it. A friend of mine has been talking about it for quite some time, so I was familiar with the book. However, I don't remember what sparked me to finally purchase (and read) the book. But I did. And I'm glad I did. Now,... Continue Reading →

Update: My Journaling

I recently had a comment from someone stopping by that they had been searching for "bullet journaling for principals" - I get it, I've been there. I realized I wanted to update what I have been doing as far as my journals. (Actually, I don't know if I've updated about this - but I want... Continue Reading →

MBTI With My Staff

So there have been some obvious tensions among my staff at school. I had a hunch that one of my new staff members (keep in mind, I only have 8) might not have extraverted feeling anywhere in his cognitive function stack. Add to that the fact that I wanted more guidance on how to best... Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

A fresh new day. A new year. A new month. A new day. What is it about fresh beginnings that are absolutely appealing? That being said, I've been known to start projects as soon as I decide I'll start them - I learned that lesson last year when I started a photo a day project... Continue Reading →

I did a thing…

... I signed up for personal coaching. Looking out to my future and I want to be the best version of me. I was super nervous about it, even leading up to the consultation call. I've had one coaching call so far and already I am glad I saved the money and bit the bullet.... Continue Reading →

Been MIA

I've been working on a lot of things. Myself mostly. Surviving the school year. Today is an in-service day. We're closed, and I gave the day as a day off to my staff. I dropped off my car at the dealership for a data update thing - and my ride forgot to come get me.... Continue Reading →


Well, B clearly has an obsession with my pen. Or my attention. Or both. What she wasn't happy about was me sitting at the table, working on my bullet journal for tomorrow. Actually, K and M weren't happy either - both were curled up right under my chair, and K kept sitting up and pawing... Continue Reading →


I told someone the other day that I spent my morning meditating and journaling. And I found myself stumbling over the words, and seriously thinking of saying something different. Why does saying I meditate and journal seem so awkward? Because it's not what most people do? But the person I was talking to meditates. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

I’m an INFJ

I was once told that I use the INFJ label as an excuse and as a crutch. That is most definitely not what I do, but I do know how that perception came about - the person I was talking to only heard part of what I said, and didn't listen to the second part... Continue Reading →

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